Will there be a Thing-a-day 2015?

Sorry, no, we’ve decided to retire this space.

How do i participate?

Registration is closed for the 2013 edition.

If you already have an active user account for thing-a-day 2012, no need to register, you’re already part of the game. Get your pencil sharpened and your ideas going and get ready for a February 1st kickstart.

1. Sign-up BEFORE February 1st (see next question)

2. Make some sort of plan in your head for the first week, choose a theme, a medium, something you want to experiment with

3. Spend up to 30 minutes a day creating something. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, it doesn’t even have to be good. This is only meant as small exercises to get your creative spirit going.

4. Post your creation on this blog. Once a day. Everyday. For 29 days.

5. Comment on other people’s work as you go. It helps everyone to get some direct feedback: that why we’re all there at the same time.

6. Guide other people to your creations by posting a thing-a-day animated gif on your website or blog.

7. Enjoy the pleasure of making stuff and sharing it.

8. Get on with the rest of the year knowing you’ve accomplished a little something.

How do i register?

Registration is closed for the 2013 edition. If you signed up before February 1st, you should have received an official invite to join the wordpress blog.

What happens if i don’t post?

Nothing. You’re on your own on this one.

My post doesn’t show an image on the home page

You need to assign a featured image for your post for it to be displayed on the homepage. See here.

My animated gif doesn’t animate on the homepage

For this to work the original image needs to be maximum 210px wide, so that wordpress doesn’t have to resize it in order to show it on the home page.

How do i embed video files?

You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, DailyMotion, Viddler,, TED Talks, and Videolog. See here.

About images

Please make sure you compress your images before you upload them! Do not post images straight out of your high resolution camera… We have limited server space on this platform so please upload wisely.

How do i follow people?

Unfortunately, you can’t follow people individually. We’ve decided to use the hosted WordPress service this year as a way to deal with the server heavy load… but we can’t add our plugins in here and this feature is not supported by WordPress with this setup.

I need more help!

For any inquires regarding website performance, issues when trying to submit specific content and general infrastructure issues, please contact the help.

For registration, content and existential questions, contact us at