Retiring 2015

We’ve decided to retire this space.

2014 was Thing-a-day’s 8th year as an open space that enables people to get together virtually and participate in a creative sprint to make one new thing a day and post it to a collective blog space.

The rules for participation are minimal, everyone is encouraged to select a weekly, monthly or daily challenge and theme for themselves and get to work. You can use ant medium as long as your efforts can be reported back on this blog once a day.

Thing-a-day is a place where everyone can imagine, inspire, create, dream, and present work to a group of peers striving to further their practice. The goal is to make creativity a daily ritual and to help create a digital community of like minded and supporting people.

Everyone is welcome. You’re free to sign-up, watch, and comment on the work of other fellow participants. All you have to do is commit to yourself and try your best.

About the 7th edition

This edition is run by a very small team now working under the label Daily tous les jours (mouna’s design studio for those who’ve been in touch with her over the years). For the past few editions, we’ve decided to keep this space small and intimate so that the thing-a-day participants can find each other and exchange…

A bit of background

Thing-a-day.com was first launched as a monthly effort to create an ad-hock community of participants willing to sign up for the four weeks of February. 28 eight days to explore 4 themes, mediums or areas of interests and share it with a group of people who had all committed to the same challenge.

The project’s initial inspiration came from the work of Ze Frank, who spent a year posting a daily new piece of original content on his personal website zefrank.com. His daily creative endeavor resulted in a all sorts of work. But most importantly, his work brought to the web the long artistic tradition where endurance, perseverance, and hard work as one solid path towards personal, and sometimes professional, fulfillment. Having participated once in such a creative challenge posed by Ze Frank himself in the context of one of his classes at NYU, the (re) creators of this daily thing felt the desire to open up this opportunity to anyone and launched a new iteration of this exercise during the month of February 2007.

An open invitation brought together over a hundred people to sign up for the first iteration of Create-a-thing-a-day. Eighty-nine of those interested, began work on the 1st of February. After 28 days, over 1200 individual posts where created, each one containing an original picture, video, text, or another form of creative act reported by their creators. We’ve been hooked every since.

Access archives from previous years:
thing-a-day 2010
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Over the years, the project has been made possible thanks to the benevolent work of:

Mohit Santram
Patrick Paul-Hus
Steve Lambert
Jeff Gray
Mouna Andraos
Eva Schindling

It has also gotten the support of the following organizations:

Eyebeam center for Art & Technology,