The END of this Thing-a-day platform

We are sorry to report that we decided to retire this wordpress blog. But we are sure the spirit of Thing-a-day won’t die with it. Please use the comments in this blogpost to self-organize.


About Thing-a-Day

Thing-a-day is a yearly collective creative sprint where participants create one new thing daily and post it on this collective blog. Thing-a-day has been running on various online platforms since 2006.


  1. I’m really sorry to hear this. I’ll be starting a thing-a-day group on G+ if anyone is interested.

  2. mojogoing

    I’m sorry too, why can’t we continue to post here?

  3. I’ll be joining. I’ve done TAD for the last 6 years and even when I’ve been unwell I’ve still managed to create. I love the community spirit of sharing every February.
    Thanks @mojogoing … I’ll see if I can remember how to use WordPress.

  4. jobothewhitedove

    Well, this definitely isn’t what I logged in expecting. :(

  5. Thank you Thing-a-Day team for a great run! Thank you Mojogoing and Brennen for keeping it going!

  6. Sometimes I wish there was a group on WordPress, or Facebook, in which we can do a thing a day 365 days a year, or, more realistically, once a week… this blog retiring certainly is disappointing, but I’ll go ahead and joing Thing-A-Day-Lives.

  7. Ahmd AbdAllah

    ,,,;:;:((( O people! Say “No God But Allah” To Obtain Salvation )))

    How Does Someone Become a Muslim?

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