Day 28: Queen Bee Doodle

a drawing of a bee with a crown


She thinks she’s all that.

Well, that does it for this year’s Thing-A-Day.

Here’s all my previous entries:

  1. a photo of a paper bag puppet with fangs
    Day 1: Paper Bag Puppet
  2. a photo of an origami crane
    Day 2: Attempted Origami Crane
  3. a photo of a wire bracelet with metal beads on it
    Day 3: Twisted Metal Bracelet
  4. a photo of a bracelet made of wire and beads
    Day 4: Woven Metal Bracelet
  5. a photo of a hand with a ring with golden baubles on it
    Thing-A-Day 2014 Day 5: Bauble Ring
  6. a photo of a star made with cardboard
    Day 6: Cardboard Star
  7. a photo of some green glass circles tied with cord
    Day 7: Glass Loop Necklace
  8. a photo of a flower made from duct tape
    Day 8: Duct Tape Flower
  9. a photo of a pom pom made out of a grocery bag
    Day 9: Grocery Bag Pom Pom
  10. a photo of a clover box made from a frozen pizza box
    Day 10: Pizza Box into Clover Box
  11. a photo of a toilet paper roll with a face drawn on it
    Day 11: Happy Toilet Paper Roll
  12. a photo of some sugar cookies on a plate
    Day 12: Sugar Cookies
  13. a drawing of a small feral child
    Day 13: Feral Child Doodle
  14. a photo a a badly made valentine
    Day 14: Valentine
  15. a photo of a snowflake made out of paper
    Day 15: Paper Snowflake
  16. an animated fly .gif
    Day 16: Fly .GIF
  17. an animated .gif of a dancing critter
    Day 17: Dancing Thinger .GIF
  18. an animated .gif of a guy wobbling from side to side
    Day 18: Wobbly Guy .GIF
  19. an animated .gif of a guy peeking out of his shorts
    Day 19: Peek-A-Boo Shorts .GIF
  20. a doodle of an alien
    Day 20: Alien Doodle

  21. a drawing of a blue alien
    Day 21: Another Alien Doodle
  22. a drawing of an elf
    Day 22: Elf Guy Doodle
  23. a drawing of a critter hiding behind a tree
    Day 23: Tree Hiding Doodle
  24. a drawing of a pair of pixies
    Day 24: Pixies Doodle
  25. a photograph of some sugar cookies
    Day 25: Flatter Cookies
  26. a drawing of a cat wearing a tutu
    Day 26: Ballet Cat Doodle
  27. a drawing of a weird creature
    Day 27: Goofy Gorf Doodle

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