Day 28: One More Sketch

Well, I kind of dropped the ball on the 27th. Talk about tripping at the finish line (insert excuses about sinus colds and trips to the dmv). But, I managed to turn out this little sketch for the last day of tad.

Random Elf

I think it does an excellent job illustrating how out of practice I am but I am fairly happy with it none the less. It is an elf guy, since I already posted a drawing of a dwarf lady (I know he looks a little feminine, I tried to avoid that, but there it is). I used to draw elves all the time (#things-only-nerds-say) but have not done a great deal of it the last few years or so. Still, looking at all the Silmarillion art that is going in the art book project (which will remain more or less underway once the month is over) got me wanting to draw my own elves again like I used to. So, here he is. Bone pendant, beads in his hair, and all. I leave it to your imagination what kind of fur he is wearing.

Edit: And I just realized how far forward his head is. …That’s kinda creepy.



  1. Looks like he is listening real hard. Nice job and congratulations on a great TAD. You are so creative and we just saw the tip of the skill.

  2. I remember from your earlier posts that you were job hunting. I’m sorry I haven’t read all of your posts since then, so you may have mentioned – but, how is that going?

    • jobothewhitedove

      I have one offer on the table that would require moving five hundred miles. I am waiting to see if I will get an offer in my area on Monday. I guess we’ll see.

  3. Glad you joined in this year. You MAY have inspired me to try arm knitting. Hope to see you next February.

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