Day 28?! – Heron, etc

I can’t believe it’s the last day! Thanks so much for the suggestions on the background. I wasn’t sure about the green but it was pretty unanimous so I tried it and I really like it. So, thanks, everybody!  I realized after I posted it that his head is too big, but “It’s not perfect, but it’s finished.” is the new motto, right?

IMG_2477 IMG_2476

I finished the crab, too. Another INPBIF situation. It’s not bad. It’ll sell and I’ll do a better one next time. I remember the first time I did a crab I was much looser in the line. I didn’t want to have to trace all the joints in the crab correctly. I sort of forgot that when I started so tried to make it messier with mixed results. These shells are farther along the scarf.

IMG_2470 IMG_2471 IMG_2472

Remember the necklace from earlier this month? I finally got the silver in the mail and finished it off. I wore it to work yesterday. Had a long conversation with a customer about it. We came up with the idea of adding hand-made polymer beads on some to give dimension. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do them, but I know who to turn to for inspiration.


I didn’t realize it was the last day of the month until I looked at some people’s posts earlier today. I hadn’t planned on finishing the scarves today because I spent a fair amount of time de-furring my son’s room. He’s visiting from college and is highly allergic to the cats. This is what he encountered when he went up to bed tonight.


Goodnight, everybody. Thanks so much for your comments and your posts. I hope everyone’s respective countries get calmer and you can relax and just keep creating wonderful things.


About Susan Brandt

I am an artist concentrating on hand-painting silk. I sell online (, at craft shows and in shops. I don't have a plan for Thing-A-Day 2014, though, as always, it will most likely involve new hand-painted silk stuff.


  1. Your heron looks mighty fine :)

  2. PrettyProject

    Gorgeous! And I need to borrow that motto! :/

  3. Maybe March should be unfinished project month. The background you did on these really capture a beachiness vibe and your shells, wow!

  4. Hi Susan,
    I saw this on my Facebook page today (It was actually shared by Barbara Cobb, so you might have seen it!) But I thought of you when I saw it :)

    Happy Spring,

  5. Hi, Sarah. I’ve been calling you Bubblemunch, which is a great name, by the way. I can’t thank you enough for the video link. I was contemplating sewing the ends of some of my scarves so they became infinity scarves, but which ones? Someone was sure to look at a scarf and want it the opposite of how I did it. This video solves it all with a simple tying technique. I doubt I can convey accurately to you how much of a problem this solves for me! Eternal gratitude, indebted forever, utterly beholden, etc.

  6. Yay – glad it’s helped. :D

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