Day 27: Back to watercolor

Yesterday I went for coffee/advice with my friend Caroline who’s a great watercolor painter that inspire me a lot. I really admire her talent and her freestyle-style and figured I could learn a lot from her. And I did. I mostly wanted to learn how not to be so controlled in my paintings – This is my attempt at it. This is a shelf in my kitchen with the oils and spices I used the most. I stood in front of it for 15min to draw it as good and fast as I could without overthinking. And then I painted. I really forced myself to paint quickly and stop.overthinking. Forgive the dark yellow blob in the middle… but I think the rest is pretty decent! Again, as long as I see improvement, I’m a happy painter.

And you can check out her drawings and paintings right HERE.

photo 1-5


One comment

  1. Happy painter, happy art! :)

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