Day 25: More Crochet



Today, I continued working on both the art book and the crocheted hood. The art book is progressing, but not as fast as it could be. I figured out that the way I was doing the pages of actual text and separate images was going to give me blurry, unclear print-outs, so I went back and redid the ones that had already been done before starting on the next pages. The new process is slower, but should get a better print-out. The test came out nice and clear anyway. Unfortunately, all that messing around means I only added about 17-18 new pages to the Word Version. (I didn’t think you guys needed another screen shot of my desktop with an open Word file and an open Powerpoint file.)

When I got tired of working on that, I got back to the crocheted hood. The rectangle base is almost as wide as I want it, but I ran out of the right yarn for it (skeins apparently vary rather significantly in the length of yarn wound up in them), so I started on the fuzzy lining. This is, as you can see, about a row and a third(ish) in, but I think I might pull out the row I am on and rework it a little closer to the first one. I don’t like there being a visible gap between rows. Plus, if I only work every other row like I have here, it would defeat the purpose of having worked the base cloth in alternating rows of front loop and back loop single crochet, instead of leaving some normal, or doing all of them front loop, or all of them back loop or something. I don’t know. I’ll decide tomorrow.


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