Day 24: More Productive!

Today I managed to be a little more productive than I have been the past few days, in spite of various job hunting related activities. I actually worked on two different projects. The first:


was to take a break from the afghan and get some of my other crochet projects rolling. Recognize the yarn? I got out the bird’s nest from a few days ago, unraveled it, and got to work making what I hope will be a fizzy lined hood, eventually. This will of course be the main body of the hood, a fairly simple rectangle to be sewn up the back upon completion. The lining (made from that loopy yarn) will be added before sewing it up, but after the main body is mostly completed, I think.

The second:

Day 24

was working on the art book once more. I have decided that, while I am not willing to give up on the nice, stab-bound version entirely, for now, I nice spiral bound version that I can lay open and reference while I am working will be more practical. So, I am moving everything over into Word (with some reformatting) for printing and binding at the office supply store. I cleaned up the power-point, stab-binding-friendly version as I went, so by the time I have finished the Word version, the Powerpoint version should be nearly ready for printing, too. Though I have decided to go back and redo a few of them from the original source, I got through about the first 52 pages or so (the first one of the four Power-point parts) this time.


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