Day 22: Posting Late Again

One of the problems with working late into the evening on a project that is just progressing every day and not ones that can be completed, is that I usually stop working when I want to go to bed. Not when I want to mess with getting a good picture, getting it uploaded onto my computer, and then posting about it. So, I again am posting this late, though it is what I had done for yesterday.

photo (20)

The afghan is now up to sixteen or seventeen rows in length, making it about a foot long. This is about a sixth of the desired length which means, since this kills the first set of skeins, or about a sixth of the yarn I bought, it is progressing about right, though I do think I may need to get just a little more yarn in order to finish this. Otherwise, the 22nd was a ridiculously non-productive day. (Well, I worked on line editing some fiction, so I suppose I shouldn’t say it was non-productive, but it kind of feels that way.)


One comment

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing – working and doing other stuff until tired and then not feeling like posting. I’m doing it all today to make up.

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