Day 20: Afghan Time!

I had another interview today. It was not a ten hour drive away, but it was eight hours. Well, seven and a half, not counting nearly two hours drive time. Without a bathroom break. Yup. When I got home, I did not feel like sitting in front of the computer fighting with formatting the pages of that book for the fourth day in a row. Especially since that project is now enveloped in a miasma of budgeting concerns. So, instead I put Steamboy on and finger crocheted until it was over.

This is what I have so far:

photo (18)

It is over six feet long, at least, I can’t hold it taut by the ends with my arms fully extended, and my wingspan should be over six feet. I mean for that to be the width of the afghan, and for it to be longer than it is wide. I intend to be able to hide under this thing completely. (Tired of blankets that are shorter than me.)

If you are wondering, the mechanical pencil is hooked on my last stitch, so it doesn’t start to unravel.


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