Days 10-19: Almost no progress

Ok… let’s admit, this year’s TAD challenge turned to be not so successful and productive for me. To many things happening… in my life, in my family, in my country..
But still wanted to show you two more popup cards I made.

This one is pretty easy, but I like the paper mechanics here. 







And this one took more time.. I’m still not fully satisfied with the result but didn’t feel inspired enough to get it finished.




Can’t promise regular updates further… but at least one more card is needed, my husband is celebrating his 30th birthday in few days… :)
So see you soon!






  1. I’ve been following the news so closely on this and it hard to watch. Prayers for a quick and peaceful resolution soon. I hope concentrating on creating something is a small balm for you.

  2. Susan

    It’s the year for unrest in the countries of the thing-a-day family. I’m very sorry and hope you and yours are all safe and things improve more rapidly than anyone thought possible. You have an appreciative audience here whenever you feel you want one. Best to Ksenia.

  3. Having tried pop-up pages in the past I must applaud your cards. Whoever gets to open them and watch them unfold is fortunate indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for your support, everybody!

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