Day 19: Still bookin’ it

Day 19

Today saw the continuation of the art book project. I finished adding in all of the traditional medium tutorials and walk-throughs, bringing it to a total of 199 pages, counting the covers (but not the insides of the covers). At this point, I almost feel like I should dig back through and see if I can find one or three more pages, to make it a nice round number. For now, however, I have started going back through all of the pages and am removing the excess formatting reference lines, only leaving the one that marks where the page should be cut down to size, and am orienting the pages so that, when they are printed out, they will be properly oriented.

I suppose if I am going to add any pages anywhere, I should do that before I reorient the pages, huh?

EDIT: I barely posted this and I found a tutorial that I missed and really should add. I guess I’m not done with that part after all. *sigh* I’m really starting to think this project may be out of my budget.


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