Day 18: Book Continues

Day 18

So, I am starting to think that I might be the queen of biting off more than I can chew. I continued working on the art book that I started yesterday, and, at this point, I have to say, it is reaching ridiculous proportions. To try to get it to all fit in one nice, reasonably sized book, I decided to dedicate this project to just the tutorials and walk-throughs for more traditional media. So, I took out the pages from a digital painting tutorial and dumped them in a separate file (far left column of pages).

I kept working until power-point started taking forever to save, which it does automatically every few minutes, usually in the exact middle of trying to position an image or paste into a text box. To reduce that problem, I broke up the file into smaller ones, making new files to house sections I was reasonable sure that I was done with. I made two of these (middle two columns), each holding over fifty pages. The fourth file (far right column), the one I am still working in, has more than that, but not in a contiguous section, so I’m not quite ready to segment out any parts of it.

Now, if you count that up real quick, you will find that comes to fast approaching 200 pages, and I still have several tutorials to go. Now, I have done Japanese Stab Binding before, but always on fairly narrow books. You know, twenty or thirty sheets (forty to sixty pages). Not a hundred or more sheets. I don’t actually know how many can be reasonably sewn together this way and still give me ready, easy access to the contents. But, I am starting to think that I am going to have to break the final book into multiple volumes, just to make them bind-able. …And then there is still the digital tutorials, which were actually the ones I use the most. *sigh*

Maybe I’ll make a separate mini books for each individual walk-through. Hmm…

Maybe I’ll work on my afghan for a while. My eyes are starting to get blood-shot from staring at a computer screen. o.O



  1. If you print every 40 pages in booklet form you will have a signature of 10 sheets of paper. 10 sheets can be punched and sewn quite easily. What a great project still.

    • jobothewhitedove

      The problem is: I mentioned how I had formatted the pages for Japanese Stab Binding? The way I have it laid out each page will take up most of a sheet of paper (on one side), so 200 pages will come to 100 sheets. I would need to completely reformat every page to be able to print them any smaller, and I pretty much already have the text as small as will be comfortably readable (unless I am much mistaken). I am also fairly limited on how to reformat them, because a lot of the tutorials were giant jpegs that I had to cut up using Preview. I don’t actually have the text, so I can’t alter font size, change text box layouts, or move just a sentence or two to the next page.
      I could of course break it up into 10 smaller booklets and maybe make a box to house all of them, but at this point, I kind of would like to try binding it as is, all as one big volume. I did leave a large margin, about 1 and 1/8th inches, and I believe I only actually have to have the binding about 1/8th inch from the edge. So, there should be plenty of room there. And, I mean, Japanese Stab Binding has been used for books of some size before. I guess it all comes down to my ability to pull it off.
      There is also the question of whether or not I can afford a hundred pages worth of paper and ink. And how long it will take me to cut the excess off. And how long it will take to pierce every single page… Yup.
      I wonder how much it would cost to get it printed on the paper I want at Office Depot…

      • jobothewhitedove

        I suppose if I were going to reformat every page, I could also make them full sized pages and have them both printed and spiral bound at the store. It wouldn’t be as nice, but it might actually be more functional.

  2. Oh my days, what an undertaking!

  3. At this point, I think I would be considering a 3-hole punch and a binder.

    • jobothewhitedove

      Hmm. Come to think of it, the current formatting should fit in one of those little 9×6 binders. That might work.

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