Prep and lavendar Day 18

For my birthday in December my friend got me a LUSH gift voucher. I finally spent it today and one of the items I bought was a lavender bubble bar.
I doodled a quick watercolour bloom for a thank you notelet.

I was in town not just to spend my voucher but for a meeting. I am a “Service User Representative” for Richmond Fellowship in York and we have an allotment. I wanted to start up a folder or notebook to jot things in, stick photos, magazine clippings etc. so, I’ve got 2 A5 canvas boards and started covering the backs with matte artist medium and torn pages from an old gardening encyclopaedia that I got for a bargain £1 at a car boot sale.





About bubblemunch

I live in the historic city of York. I enjoy most things arty and crafty and am greatly inspired by nature.


  1. Susan

    Translation, please – what’s an allotment?

    • Hi Susan, an allotment is a plot of land that is hired out by the local council. There are hundreds of sites across Britain and thousands of plots.

      • Susan

        Thanks, bubblemunch. Do you have any livestock (I see that that is sometimes an option) or is it a garden? Vegetables, flowers, a mixture?

        I usually have a British show of some sort on while I work: QI, Midsomer Murders, Spooks, Pointless, Just a Minute, Would I Lie to You, Only Connect, probably a couple more of similar vein. Of course I’ve already seen all of the Poirot/Miss Marple episodes since I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan. I’m limited to what people have uploaded to youtube except Sherlock which is currently available on the PBS website.

        I looked at houses in England the other day just to torture myself. I found a few with conservatories which I hadn’t thought of before but which I now will be disappointed if I don’t have. I didn’t see much that was out in the middle of nowhere though, which is sort of a dream (goal?) of mine. Maybe you don’t have much of ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ there, except for farms in the Dales, of course (All Creatures Great and Small). Sorry, I’m sure Britain is just as accurately portrayed in media as the U.S. is. Hope I haven’t said anything stupid.

      • Hi Susan, we don’t have livestock … There are some rogue pheasants though that like to sit on plants and squish them! We have a mini orchard & grow veg, fruit, herbs & flowers. We’re waiting for it to be less boggy so we can put some posts in for a polytunnel. We want to get some decking outside the shed for a seating area.

        YouTube is brilliant for getting hold of stuff. I’ve just subscribed to Netflix after giving into the hype about House of Cards! I’m 7 episodes into the 1st season. I am also a fan of The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie and Parks & Recreation (which completely cracks me up).

        Only Connect is my top favourite quiz show and it should be on far more often! I listen to BBC Radio 4 a lot which is where Just a Minute has been on for donkies years. They have excellent topical comedy.

        Conservatories are very popular. It’s an easy way to add light & get more space if there’s enough garden or space at the side of the property. Homes here are built very close together. As well as the Yorkshire Dales (which I am obviously biased about!) there are the Lakes not too far away and the North Yorks moors (quite desolate). There are some really beautiful villages all over where you can get some distance from suburbia. The smaller, pretty villages are quite often overtaken by second home owners so are like ghost towns in the winter. Devon’s gorgeous and Northumberland is one of the least populated counties – because of this it has the best view of the night sky as there is far less light pollution.

        I know very little about America. I’ve never been. I guess that everything I think that I know has been gleaned from Dramas and the news. It’s difficult to imagine the distances. We think it’s a struggle to get from Scotland to Cornwall (which it is but that’s more from the roads). We don’t have any long stretches of road where there’s nothing for miles and miles.

        Sorry, I’ve really rambled! ;)

  2. Susan Brandt

    Not, rambling, very interesting to hear about the beautiful places. BTW – House of Cards is filmed in Baltimore! I saw an ad for a house but the new owner had to be someone with ties to the village, either a close relative or had grown up there or was already living there. I imagine that’s to stop the 2nd homers from getting it. It must disrupt village life to have all of these vacancies.

    We used to drive from Chicago, Illinois to Davenport, Iowa to Grandma’s house. 3 hours of cornfields and occasionally beans.

    I’ve seen those close together (attached) houses on Wallace and Grommit and Harry Potter :)

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