Day 16: Swatches

So, I liked the lap blanket that I finger crocheted a few days ago so much I decided that I wanted to make a full-sized afghan in the same technique and material. Today presented the perfect opportunity to start that project, in the form of a coupon to the craft store. So, I went and picked up a few (about 18) skeins of yarn, rolled the first 3 into balls (which I prefer to skeins), and tried to get started. Unfortunately, the cloth kept curling and twisting, so I backed up and made a few swatches, testing a method, unraveling it and reworking it in a different method. The final swatch:

photo (17)

finally lay flat without too much distortion. Apparently I must have skipped a lot of stitches in the foundation chain when I did the first row of single crochets last time around. Now that I know approximately how many to skip, and verified the number of stitches I will need to get the size of blanket I want, I think I will be ready to start tomorrow.

I also made about sixteen rows worth of progress on the blue, Knook scarf, but I did not really feel the need to post another picture, since it pretty much looks the same as it did yesterday, only about two inches longer.

If you want to see it, there is a picture in my Day 15 post.


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