Day Fifteen: “Doodle + Cookies”

The children got a decorate-a-cookie kit as a Valentine’s gift from my folks.  Here are the results of that endeavor:


 While helping them decorate the cookies was a wonderfully fun project, I couldn’t really claim that as my thing.  Not only did I not really do the decorating—only sous-chef type stuff, but also I didn’t MAKE the cookies.  Heck, I didn’t even buy them the kit. 

So, not much in the concerted-effort-for-an-elaborate-thing department. Busy day with basketball games, my folks visiting, and a family adventure to the wetlands.  I took along my doodle journal on our outing to the wetlands to see the moon rise, and I was quite pleased with the resulting image…stars, full moons, ripples in the water…

The only detail of our trek that I didn’t include was meeting Eddie, the possum, on the trail. Oh well…


About rebeccacreates

Making things makes me happy. Making things for free, upcycling, repurposing, and being generally clever makes me even happier.


  1. Susan

    How do you know his name is Eddie?

  2. It was either Crash or Eddie (a la Ice Age). My six-year-old said it was Eddie. And so it shall be.

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