Day 15: More Knitting

photo (16)


Today was another knitting day. Instead of starting anything new (or coming up with anything in particular to make with that loopy yarn), I decided to pull one out of the unfinished project pile. This is just a simple scarf being worked on an I-sized Knook (the crochet hook for knitting with- a great thing for someone who wants to knit but is better at crochet, like me; I highly, highly recommend it to crocheters, even if you don’t want to knit, the three hook kit is a really great price for three decent quality wooden crochet hooks). Unfortunately, like anything done with smaller tools, this is a very slow process. The paperclip marks where I started working on this. A few hours’ work produced 28 rows, or 700 stitches. That amounts to about 3 inches of cloth and no visible difference in the skein I was planning on exhausting for this project.

I will finish this eventually. #why-do-i-do-this-to-myself?



  1. I crochet but don’t know how to knit. Will I be able to figure out how to use the Knook? I’ve seen them in stores and shied away.

    • jobothewhitedove

      The little booklet the comes with the starter kit has pretty good instructions, with photos for each step of the process, for both left- and right-handed users. The biggest issue I have had is remembering to yarn over the other direction. I did learn to knit (a little) first, before I even learned to crochet, but I had not done it in a long time and had to use the instructions to figure out what I was doing. I found them pretty easy to use and to follow. I would say you should really have no issues learning to knit with a knook if you already know how to crochet. And, like I said earlier, even if you decide you don’t care for using them to knit, it is a set of three decent quality wooden hooks for a pretty good price (I thought). They are definitely worth trying out.

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