Day 14: A Little Late

I have no excuses for not starting my thing until ridiculously late. I just didn’t feel like working on anything. All of my ideas seemed stupid. So, I returned to an underway project, mentioned on Monday: the Dwarven Birth of Venus. Which I only just realized is, in fact, holiday appropriate.

Here is the Lady herself in sketch form:

Dwarf Venus

Soon to be followed by other dwarven deities and possibly a background at some point. And maybe a little color. :)

But not tonight.

If her proportions seem a little off, that was deliberate. I drew her to be five heads tall. Most “normal humans” averaging about seven heads tall (that is, their total height from the soles of their feet to the top of their head is seven times the height of their heads, from the bottom of their chin to the top of their crown). I also decided to enlarge her hands, and, of course, give her a big curling beard. I know Tolkien never explicitly states that Dwarf Women have beards (if anyone knows otherwise, please tell me where to find the quote), but it has become something of a standard in Tolkien art to show dwarf women with beards. But, I absolutely hate the thin, whispy whiskers they were given in the Hobbit films. I mean, come on, either give them beards, or don’t! grumblegrumblegripe

(And, yes, for all you Tolkienites out there, instead of coming out of a giant clam shell, she is popping out of a hole in the ground, true dwarven style.)


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