TAD 2014 – Day 13

It isn’t that I didn’t do anything creative… I actually worked on a couple of things….

The edges of the circle painting are now painted black so my husband can frame it. Didn’t figure that would make for an exciting picture. The key lime green frame is looking really cool though!

I also painted a 12 x 36″ canvas black. Also not very exciting for a photo. I have a friend who finished hand-quilting a Dresden Plate quilt my mother-in-law had started 25 years ago for us. I actually made a but of the plate pieces for TAD a couple of years ago to fill it out. I paid for materials and then we decided she would pick one of my paintings as well for her time. She loves the circle painting so I told her that I would make her a smaller variation of that one.

AND I made my hubby’s valentine card. Can’t photograph that because I don’t want him to see it. Maybe I will post it after I give it to him. Now I am trying to design business cards for a friend.



About bjcobb

Graphic designer by day... aspiring artist by night.

One comment

  1. I think that any prep for a project counts as being creative and is definitely a Thing-a-day.

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