Day 13: Does making a trip count?

Successfully made the ten hour drive home today, and found just a bit of time to putter with the newest batch of yarn.


photo (13)

is what I got. Though I am thinking that I will unravel this and rework it, I wanted a sense of how far the loopy, woolly yarn (that is actually what it looks like) would go, in order to be able to tell if I would need more for this project. So, I just kept going, adding in the third strand of yarn. One ball, which was apparently only about 11 yards (versus about 62 for the brown yarn) went less than two rows, but there are nice wide rows, and I really like the effect. More on this as it develops.


photo (14)

are two eggs of the rare Lion Brand yarn bird (discovered by adventurer and naturalist Warren Wallbrook in 1742) in a nest constructed of the woolly leaves of the Red Heart tree. (Yes, I am very tired. Why do you ask?)

And finally, here:

photo (12)

is another picture of the sun through trees with snow; this one taken in the morning, rather than sunset like the last one. I don’t like it nearly as much as the last one, but, frankly, the only things I saw that I thought would be good for taking pictures of today (aside from this) would have required pulling over on the side of the interstate into mounds of ice and snow with semis blowing past, getting buffeted around into neighboring lanes and into the shoulder by the cross wind. I might have considered it if I had had a good camera with me, but for just an iPhone snapshot, it just did not seem worth the inherent risk. Maybe next time.


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