Day 12: Such As It Is

Well… I’m afraid I don’t have much to show for today. I was working on an application for employment until about 3:30 this morning (insert an angry rant about hotel business kiosks, the relative worthlessness of Chromebooks, and disasters involving hot chocolate, shortly followed by a lamentation for the nice laptop left in another state- seriously, if you actually need a full blown computer, do not buy a Chromebook), so when I got back to the hotel from this morning’s interview (which ran so long the recruiter I am working with was joking about how I must have been picking out my office furniture or something) I didn’t even get my make-up washed off before I was face-down in bed. I do not recommend trying to go on three hours of sleep the day after making a ten hour drive.

So, all in all, I was kaput for creative endeavors. Still, I swung by Wally World this evening, found a few balls of yarn and started playing with finger crocheting again. I tried playing with working it in the round and got about a row in before deciding to make my post and get to bed (I have another ten hour drive awaiting me first thing tomorrow), but I came up with some ideas for what I can do with this batch of yarn. Hopefully, I will be able to implement those tomorrow.

photo (11)


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  1. There are many things I love about TAD – one of the big ones is that despite how we’re feeling or limited time we still strive to be creative and to try & post everyday. :)

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