TAD 2014 – Day 11

store. Debit card wouldn’t work. Called husband. Yup, money in the account. Stopped at liquor store. Card wouldn’t work again. So much for it just being the card reader. Call bank. Closed till 9:00 tomorrow. Call hubby again. He offers to go get me some wine. I end up picking him up and going back to the same liquor store. His card won’t work either. Thank God they took a check because I was not leaving with out alcohol. It’s a 2 glass kind of day for sure!

As a result, I had no energy to do much of anything. So I sat in my chair and just played on my computer. I have a necklace that was my Grandmother’s It is definitely a choker and I have been trying to figure out a way to restring it so I can actually wear it. The beads are black, chunky faceted beads. I bought some different beads with similar facets…. also in black. I played around in Illustrator to get an idea of what I might do with the beads. The dashed line is a strand (or maybe a couple) of seed beads I am thinking I might  kind of wrap the bigger bead strand with.  We’ll see…. I’m thinking that I might use one of her pins as a closer instead of a lobster claw or something.






About bjcobb

Graphic designer by day... aspiring artist by night.


  1. I have an old bead necklace from my grandmother too that I need to restring. I may “borrow” some of your ideas. :)

  2. I have been finding some ideas on Pinterest that I really like too.

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