Day 11: A Photo Again

Well, I had to travel all day today to get to an interview in Indiana, which will take place tomorrow morning. It was my intention that, when I landed, I would spend a little time (not much, but a little) working on some project or another. Instead, when I went to check the address for where the meeting will be to make sure I am up and ready to go on time tomorrow morning, I found out that I was supposed to fill out an application and bring it with me. You know, one of those five age All-Of-This-Is-On-Your-Resume-So-Write-It-Again-And-Answer-A-Few-Dozen-Open-Ended-Questions applications. For tomorrow morning. That no one told me about. So, instead, you get a photo I grabbed at a rest-stop. Because that is, unfortunately, all I had time for today. :(

photo (10)



  1. Susan

    Ugh, I hate looking for a job. Best of luck to you. How clever of you to find out beforehand that you needed to fill out the darn thing. Think how ready you’ll feel tomorrow morning.

  2. Good luck and smooth sailing. Nice pic by the way. Not everyone looks around and sees a shot like this.

  3. jobothewhitedove

    Thanks, everyone. The interview went well. They are already talking about making me an offer. :)

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