TAD Day 11: Felted dryer ball/inadvertant cat toy

ImageI spent the day home sick today, so I knew I needed a project that required little concentration. Wool felting is pretty mindless when you are just making a ball.  These are supposed to be a chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets, and they also reduce drying time by absorbing moisture.

I’m not sure this will end up serving its intended purpose, since one of my cats has decided it makes a mighty fine cat toy. Action shot included.


Instructions for this, and 2 other versions here: http://www.petalstopicots.com/2014/02/how-to-make-felted-wool-dryer-balls/


About alookatthelittlethings

I completed a 365 year of making challenge in 2015 and decided to see how long I could keep it going. I jump around from craft to craft, but trying new things is what keeps life interesting.


  1. Susan

    Very nice! I think you have another career as a sports photographer. (If the cat decides it’s his/her toy, that WAS its intended purpose.)

    Does your cat have a white tip on it’s tail. The coloring is the spit of my cat when I was a kid. Mittens, because I was oh, so creative with names.

  2. I actually did one like this with a bell in the middle of it specifically for my grandkitties.

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