Day 11: the battle against backgrounds

Urrrrrrrgh I don’t understand how to work my backgrounds and shadows in watercolor… the only positive thing in today’s ‘thing’, is that there is a SLIGHT improvement in my shadows…



Oh, and my new ink supplies, that I can’t wait to play with!




  1. Susan

    Yay, you tried it! I always think that’s so brave to try something you don’t know how to do to the level of proficiency you want it to be. I was actually thinking of Cezanne’s oil paintings but you’d have to translate them to ‘watercolor’. Backgrounds are hard because they’re not important even though they are. They need to be in the background but they still need to be right. I have problems with them in my graffiti scarves. I get the graffiti right but the background… do I make it one color or a messy bunch of colors? Dark or light? What hue? I think I need to think of the background and the graffiti together but I always forget because I’m concentrating on the graffiti.

    • I did! Thanks to you! :)
      I think I just need to practice more – I’m pretty sure that once I understand how to fill larger portions of paper without making a mess it’ll be easier! We always underestimate backgrounds right? They are somewhat secondary but when you mess it up you realize how they can make or break a piece!
      I would love to see what you do, do you have a website or do you sell your pieces somewhere? You got me intrigued!

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