Day 9: A Start

Continuing the yarn stash busting without the proper tools trend, today I tried crocheting with my fingers instead of hooks, using three strands of “Homespun” yarn. It’s not going quite as fast as the arm knitting, but after a day of working at it, I think I’m off to a reasonably good start.

photo (5)

Unfortunately, as you can see, I am starting to get a little low of yarn. I had originally thought this would either be a really wide scarf or a small shawl, but at this rate, I think I may only get a lap blanket (of which I really have no use that I am aware of)  out of the yarn I have. At this point, I really have no idea what I will do when the yarn runs out, if I’ll go buy more and keep going until I have something more useful, or if I’ll just fold it up, stuff it in a pillow case, and call it a travel pillow that can be unfolded into a blanket as needed/for washing (which is always necessary after getting off of a passenger plane- yik). But, I can think about that more tomorrow. For now, I will simply leave you with an image of this yarn thing draped on the giant teddy-bear, for scale.

photo (6)


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