Days 6-9: we’re back!

Getting back to TAD after couple of extremely busy days…
Don’t have many new pics of Kseniia playing, but made three more popup cards:



I’m not happy with the first one:




Second card is a bit better:



6 7

And this is my favourite. About Ukrainian mountains.





1 3



  1. Susan

    Is the second one a birthday card and ‘Ypa!’ means something like ‘Hurray!’? I tried it in google translate and it thought it was a Lithuanian word meaning ‘especially’. I really like the little monster guys but the first one looks a little scared. Assuming my idea of the card is correct, did you try them with their arms pointing up, so more ‘Ypa!” ?

    The colors in the mountain card are just amazing. And the white trim just right. I mean, I think it’s really perfect.

  2. Thanks guys!

    2Susan: yeah, it means “hooray” in Ukrainian (and Russian) and it’s a birthday card for the boy (2 years old). And yes, I planned them to have hands up (glued as separate parts).. but then it was getting late and I just finished the card as is :-P

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