Day 8: Playing with Yarn

As a part of this month’s efforts to clear out some of the project backlog, I decided to use up some of the yarn I have stashed. I had seen a Lion Brand Newsletter about Arm Knitting a few days ago and had been wanting to try it, so I dug through my baskets of yarn, and, lo and behold, I found two skeins of big, bulky, royal blue yarn (Royals Blue!) that was perfect for arm knitting with. At least, everything I found online about it recommended using bulky yarn and multiple strands.

So, I wound them into balls and set to work. I had to restart a few times to try to get it to the width I wanted and to fix it when I dropped a stitch, which resulted in one side of it partially falling apart, but after about two hours, I had this:

photo (4)

That is a full-sized rocking chair and a nearly person-sized teddy bear, to give you an idea of how large it turned out. It was quick and easy, and both soft and warm. I know that seems counter-intuitive, but with the yarn threads all bunched up around your neck, it is quite cozy. It also serves reasonably well as an impromptu pirate sash, as it proved later in the evening. All in all, I got a big kick out of this project and may well be doing it again soon.

PS I made progress on the cross-stitch pattern, just not enough to be worth posting a picture. That project is still on going.


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