Day 7 Cross Stitch Pattern

So, yesterday I decided to try to make some progress on a large cross-stitch project that has been sitting untouched for about two years. The idea behind this project was to use an image I had found online blown up until I could see the individual pixels as a pattern, instead of having to buy one. So, I found an image taken from the Team Fortress 2 video game, enlarged it, printed it out, taped it into one big piece, and scribbled all over it to make it into a pattern.

Well, as I started working on this project again yesterday, I noticed that a few of my notes did not make sense, or did not line up (don’t ask how I managed to mess that one up, I don’t remember), or left too much stuff for me to try to figure out as I went along (which risks some bad color choices). So, I decided to go back over it again with a fine toothed comb and write a proper pattern, with different symbols for different colored threads, 10×10 grids, the whole nine yards.

So, I printed out some graph paper (I know there is a packet here somewhere, but help me if I know where- maybe it’s with my camera), and set to work, laying out the entire image one pixel at a time. After somewhere around six or seven hours of work later, this is what I have achieved.

photo (3)

Do you notice how it does not really look like anything, even though it is taking up most of an 8×11 sheet of paper? That is because this is just the lower left hand corner. I estimate it is around about 1/20th of the final image. It would seem that it is going to take me a very long time just to finish the pattern, much less the actual cross-stitching. At this point, I honestly cannot recall what made me think this was a good idea. But, there it is. And I would rather not just put it back in the to-do box, because then it really will never get done. So, I guess I’ll see if it goes a little faster know that I’ve gotten it going.

In the meantime, the lesson that you all should take from this is that, should you decide that you want to use an digital image as a cross-stitch pattern, make sure that the image is avatar-sized at best. Keep the number of pixels in each direction in the double digits at most. Or stick to 8-bit and 64-bit images. Even the images Google may give you if you ask for only small ones may be too large.

Just something to keep in mind.


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