Day 5: Posted Late, Done on Time


Day 5 was a slow day for me. I wasted a fair amount of time trying to dig out a path through the snow, from my apartment and down the stairs to my truck, only to have a groundskeeper come along to clear the landing, which sounds like a good things, but apparently step one was taking all of the snow from the protected side of the landing where the snow was fairly shallow and dumping it into the path I had just dug on the unprotected side where it was several inches deep just as I went to use it.

Just see if I volunteer to do work around the complex any more.

So, anyhow, griping over. As I had managed to finish several active projects on Day 4, I did not have anything that obviously needed to be worked on for Day 5, which led to a fair amount of trying to think of something to start. In the meantime, I decided to be true to my word and make a second “inspiration board” to accompany the one I posted on the fourth. This one consists of another page of movie stills, captured by myself, to illustrate the various accessories worn by the analyzed character. Page two is images from the internet of items I thought would either be appropriate straight off, or could be modified to be appropriate. At this time, I have not made any sketches to accompany this board, but should get around to it in the near-soon.

Aside from that, it looks like I will be breaking my photography combo since the only pictures I took on the fifth were of the nice smooth wall of snow revealed when I opened my door. Perhaps nothing impressive to natives of the snowy climes, but me, I’m from the subtropics, where we can go to the beach in February most years, and somehow, when the snow was piling up on the fourth, it had not occurred to me that it would pile up in front of my door, which is usually somewhat protected from the weather.



One comment

  1. That is a great way to collect your ideas.
    Hope it is ready by spring.

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