Thing 4

I’m knitting. Ok, sort of knitting. I am using this yarn from Red Heart called Boutique Sashay and the pattern on the label for a really cute ruffly scarf. Discounting that I’m more of a crocheter than knitter, I’d say the last 30 min went quite well. First I cast on 6 stitches. With this yarn, that means you take your knitting needle through the top row of netting in the yarn 6 times. Then you knit. But this stuff is odd and sort of scrunched up and I’ve found it difficult to stretch it out and maintain stitches on needles at the same time. So then after I drop the stitches off the needle, I cast on again and repeated several times. I’m stopping at the cast on 6 stitches part of the instructions for the night.

On the other hand it was a highly successful shopping for the wedding day and we now have champagne glasses for toasting, fabric for decorating, everything I need for making the cake and more. Even the dentist appointment that launched the shopping turned out to be quick, easy and I’m very pleased.





  1. Bev Moon

    Betsy–take a toilet paper roll and sort of stretch out the yarn as you roll it onto the toilet paper roll. Then as you knit don’t keep turning your knitting the same way every time (I know it is the natural tendency to do this but DON’T)–turn it first one way and then the other way the next row–this way it keeps it from twisting. I have knitted many of these scarves and have found this to be the fastest way to knit one of these. I can do one of these in about 30 minutes after I get it on the roll!!

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