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It was extremely snowy here today (Day 4), trapping me in my apartment all day. Which means that I did not really get any photos to share (there’s not much that would make an interesting photo in my apartment), but I managed to get two of the projects I have started finished.

For the first one, I completed the drawing that I started on Sunday.

photo (3)

As I mentioned, I drew this on Sunday. Yesterday, I loaded it into photoshop, cleaned it up, and printed it out. Today, I added all of the color, using Copic and Prismacolor markers, colored pencils, and a white charcoal pencil. I am not completely happy with it (I expect you can see why), but overall, I’m pretty pleased. I may try coloring it again sometime, though. Implement a few of the things I learned this time around.

Here is the final piece next to the original sketch:

photo (4)

I like to draw really small and color really big. :)

Finally, I suppose this is more of a plan for a few things than a thing in and of itself, but here is an inspiration board for an outfit based on Hitokiri Battousai (Himura Kenshin) from the Samurai X Trust and Betrayal/Great Kyoto Fire arc.

photo (5)

It is a little hard to see in this picture (my iPhone does not have flash and it was dark when I tried to take this- still can’t find my camera), but this is three panels or pages in a composition notebook. This first page/panel shows stills from the movie Samurai X Trust and Betrayal that I captured myself yesterday and a still from the live-action film that I found online. The second are images from sewing patterns, published primarily by Simplicity and Butterick, that I thought would be most appropriate for it (found on the internet and cropped down today). These I printed out, cut out, and glued in today. The third panel is a group of a few drawings I made on a piece of scratch paper and taped to the edge of the second page so that it folds inside the notebook (also done today). It shows four ideas (drawn in ball-point pen) for how to use the patterns on page two to make an outfit reminiscent of that shown on page one, with notes about necessary adjustments, colors (added in colored pencil), and accessories, the idea of course being that this is an outfit of normal, everyday clothing that would put a fan in mind of the character, but not look out of place on the street. More “casual cosplay” than cosplay proper, if you will. (And no, the two lower figures do not have hobbit feet, they’re wearing converse, with white toe caps. Hobbits will be a different project/projects.)

I may expand on this further. I have a few more outfit ideas that I think I may go ahead and put down on paper, though I am generally pretty happy with one of these. I will also most likely be doing a second “board” just for the accessories, since I need to figure some way to incorporate a sword into this outfit. (If you are unfamiliar with the series, this character doesn’t stop carrying a sword, even when it is banned, after this arc.) But, that is another day’s project.

PS I may also replace the pictures with brighter ones in the near future, but it is nearly midnight here, so I don’t think I shall do that tonight. And, you know, can’t find my camera…

PPS Because I can’t break a combo, I give you the best of today’s sad little iPhone photos: monkeys on a window sill.

photo (6)


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  1. Thanks for posting both together. I like seeing how people block their ideas out.

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