Day #5 : Ravellenics Shawl N°1

This year is the first time i participate in Ravelry’s Ravellenics Games. What is ravellenics games? well, if you want to know a little about it, there’s a short explanation of it on my personal page.

I decided to enter 2 new projects (2 different lace shawls) and an old unfinished cardigan i’ve been knitting since last year.

Anyway, preparing for the mass project cast-on (which will be friday feb’ 7th – 11pm my time), i have finally decided the pattern and also the yarn and beads i’m planning for the first shawl. I’m still haven’t decided what for the 2nd shawl though..oh well, i guess i’ll do it tomorrow then ;P

The color of the yarn is black, and in lace-weight rayon (the same i used on my test knit project). At first I was a bit undecided for the beads option, because the ones i have on my stash all look good on the yarn.

3 different seed beads

3 different seed beads

But finally i came to decision that the seed beads in white opal would be perfect for the shawl. It’s a pretty much opposite of most lace shawls i’ve been knitted before. Mostly if i put beads on my shawl, it’s alawys almost in the same tonal, so it’s usually a bit subtle, not too ‘flashy’ but still have that ‘sparky’ effect when the light hits it on the right angle.

Having 2 contrast colors work on the same project would be quite daring for me. Would it look good? or tacky? i hope to God it would be the former! Anyway, as it is a first for me, i think i won’t go too crazy on this one. The beads would be added just on the edges not on the whole body as the pattern suggested; not sure it’ll look good on me. I still want to be able to wear it over casual attire (which is more of my style), too many beads in this contrast color would be too much and too ‘dressy’ for my taste.


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