Day 4 – DF Robot 4WD Chasis


I found yet another robot chasis out in the shed, bringing to total to 5. This is the Pirate 4WD Mobile Platform by DF Robot. It’s actually quite sturdy and well put together, but after doing some research it seems a 2WD platform will be a much easier choice to start with. Motors are a bit of a complex subject. Common motors with used with Arduinos include DC hobby motors, like the ones use above, stepper motors, and servos. Each has a different hardware interface and a different method of programming the motor.

On top of the Pirate is the Lady Ada Motor Shield from Adafruit that I soldered together today. I had a bit of time to play with the libraries attached to a single DC motor to test the board.

I also spent some time setting up the Raspberry Pi and Brick Pi and installing the libraries necessary for controlling the NXT modules.

Here is the collection so far:


Another day or two and I may run out of things to put together and be forced to write some code or actually do something a bit creative.


One comment

  1. clamoring

    By the end of the month you’ll have your own robot army! ^_^

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