Day 4: Watermelon vs Watercolor

So I just found out about Thing-a-Day a few days ago and I HAD TO get in on the action. I’m just getting started today and since I’m not sure I can catch up with days 1,2 and 3, I’m starting at #4!

I was trying to figure out what project to start with (in my very long to-try list) when I remembered a water-colour starting kit I bought about 6 month ago and never used. Perfect opportunity to break the ice!

I’ve tried oil and acrylic painting in the past (many, many years ago) but water-colour is completely new to me. I watched a few (more like 50) tutorials and made a few uncommitted doodles in my new water-colour sketch pad, but I figured there is no better way to get at it than having a clear mission. In this case; make a simple painting. I don’t know why I chose to paint a watermelon… I guess it felt simple enough, maybe because the pink in my palette was the colour I was most attracted to, and also maybe because the weather this past few weeks is making me miss my watermelon summer smoothies like crazy.

I think the next few days will also be water-colour related as I really want to get better at it! I don’t hate this painting but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Any advice is welcome! :)




  1. Christina

    We had snow yesterday, and they are calling for sleet tomorrow, so I am enjoying the “slice” of summer you provided.

  2. Nice colors. Your improvement is amazing.

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