Day 3 – BrickPi Shooterbot

Day 3 - BrickPi Shooterbot

Continuing with the how many un-built robot kits do I have in my house, today I busted out my box of Lego Mindstorm NXTs and the Brick Pi I kickstarted. Brick Pi allows you to control NXT sensors and actuators via your Raspberry Pi.

Unfortunately my Rasbpi is a model B rev 1 that doesn’t have the mounting holes drilled through, so I had to attach it to the brickpi housing unit with double sticky tape.

Between work and the 5 moocs I am taking right now, there is not a lot of time to devote to thing-a-day each day. However, when evaluating my addiction to moocs a few months ago I came to the realization that endlessly taking classes that teach you a lot but leave you know time for making projects and doing things you actually enjoy is not a good thing. I vowed then that I’d put aside an hour an hour a day just to work on personal projects. It looks like by doing thing-a-day I am finally putting this into practice.

Still no integration between the shooterbot and the brickpi, I’ll work on that tomorrow, but my hour of fun is done :)  Also in the queue is the Spark Core Wifi I received recently.


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