Thing A Day 2: Steampunk Goggles

Thing A Day - Day 2 002

Strips of brass, cleaned, gear pattern drawn and etched, patinaed with flame, metal folded for 8-sided goggles – one inch overlap for stability.  Sides add additional stability when worn.


Thing A Day - Day 2 003

Mesh folded, sniped, shaped, and formed.  Sides curled to prevent sharp points from sticking out.   Holes punched for riveting, and cord later on.

Thing A Day - Day 2 001Thing A Day - Day 2 005


Riveted everything in place with brads and washers. Added waxed cotton cord for comfort when wearing and then inserted the nose piece.

Thing A Day - Day 2 006 Riveted first straps onto sides, then added as needed to fit my head.  More can be added so goggles can be worn by different people, or worn on a hat.


About sydneystirling

I travel with The Airship Noir


  1. Your goggles are the coolest.

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