Day 2 – 2WD Arduino Robots


I have a ton of parts and kits I’ve purchased for the Arduino, Pi, etc. Unfortunately I have the bad habit of purchasing tons of kits and parts and never actually putting them together and making something. Thing-a-day is the perfect opportunity to dust of my boxes of parts and start making things.

Today I assembled the Boe-bot (top left), a simple 2WD chasis using MakeBlocks (top right), and pulled out the 3pi (center).

None of them actually do anything yet, I am not sure how I will approach thing-a-day, if I will add a few more features and write a bit more code, slowly expanding the capabilities of one or two of the robots, or if I will try to build as many simple things as possible.

I’ll probably get them all minimally functional and then decide which direction to take. I also have a Brick Pi for connecting a Raspberry Pi to Lego Mindstorms, I may throw together a chasis for that tomorrow. As long as I keep making things I’ll be happy :)


One comment

  1. Spangler2

    These are great. Yeah doing a bit of code to make it function is a thing.

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