Stamp carving Day 2

Today I carved a quick daisy on Lino. The images show the Lino stamped using a crimson pigment ink pad and dark blue block printing ink. It wasn’t very well planned or thought out – lots of random gouging around the flower!






About bubblemunch

I live in the historic city of York. I enjoy most things arty and crafty and am greatly inspired by nature.


  1. Terri Greenberg

    Funny… you see random gouging; I see a surface out of which the daisy grows and against which its profile is seen…as if it had sprouted on a city sidewalk against a building… I tell my students all the time: never tell people about the hole in your underwear… they would never know something is wrong until you tell them!

  2. I’m with Terri! I like all the texture!

  3. Thanks :) I struggle with being “loose” and open to wherever my pen (or other implement) takes me. I’m trying hard to challenge that.

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