Day 2: Abstractions

Today is all about abstract art..

Tried to show Kseniia how to draw abstract lines with her first chalks (however she still enjoys eating the chalks more than using as originally intended :))



And made this strange popup card (using second “fundamental figure” from my book):









  1. Reminds me of Audrey from “Little Shop of Horrors” FEEEEEEED ME!

    How do you pronounce your daughter’s name? If I’m going to be reading it for 28 days, I need to know how to pronounce it!

  2. wow! the card is great and it is so unusual!

  3. Susan

    Sort of reminds me of the hooded dinosaur in Jurassic Park that ate the guy who was stealing the dinosaur dna. It seemed so quiet and then it opened its hood and mouth and waaaaaah!

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