Day #01 : Documenting My First Shawl of 2014

This one was knitted late december last year but i could only finished it around mid january this year. Because i’ve been busy with other things and several knitting projects as well, i could only do the blocking process at the very last day of january. Documenting this shawl was done 2 days which first after it just finished being blocked and then with me wearing it on the next day (february 1st), so i think it fits as the first project for my T-A-D this year :)

And here it is my ‘Ishbel’ shawl

© opipipio

it marks as my first shawl done this year and also part of my 12 shawls in a year project 2014.


About Opi

freelance graphic designer & a full-time dreamer. just a simple individual with complex tastes ;P


  1. That is so lovely and delicate looking.

  2. It’s so pretty! Knitting is something I can NOT do…I’m impressed!

  3. clamoring

    Gorgeous! Look at you go!

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