Brainstorming for TAD 2014

Brainstorming for TAD 2014

Getting ready. Planning big projects for days off.



  1. Have you heard anything about 2014 yet? It’s looking like it probably isnt going to happent his year>

  2. If people start posting, others will follow and things will start rolling.

  3. My plan is to post come Feb 1. I have several friends who are wanting to join so we are thinking of using our facebook page and invite people to post there.

  4. I’m also assuming there’s no organised TAD 2014 … but as it’s something I’ve done for the last few years, I still intend to create daily for February and will post here. I hope that others do too.
    The platform is ready for us to do that. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creativity :)

  5. Susan

    I, too, was planning on Thing-A-Day another year. If we can post here, let’s do it. Can new people join or only people who are already on? I remember there was a sign up cut-off last year.

    Also, I think we should be especially careful to keep our pictures small (reduce to 72dpi and a reasonable size – good enough for the computer) so we don’t overload the site.

  6. Susan

    Just sent an email to the graphic design company mentioned in the About section. Will let you know if/what they reply. I asked if the site was open again for new people to join as well.

  7. Thing-a-Day

    Hello Susan, Everyone – we’ve been very quiet this year, it’s getting harder to keep up! But the site is open for your creations, and we’ll be posting some basic info and updates very shortly.

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