Day 28 – Fun with Coloring

I’m on a call, so I couldn’t take a pic with the flash. Here is, sadly, my last contribution for the month. I had fun. I definitely pushed myself more this year, than last, but drew more last year. I hope you all enjoyed your time here, as much as I have. See you next year.




  1. You have a great variety of work. I’m getting fonder and fonder of the Hello, Kitty riffs. That last one sort of opened my eyes and looking back, I think they’re particularly wonderful.

    • Thank you! It’s something I started sometime last year, after Thing A Day. There is someone else who’s done a variety of Hello Kittys, but his looks more impressive, like, real. I’ve also come across a few variations similar to the ideas I’ve cone, but, not to toot my own horn, but I actually prefer some of mine. :)

      I do have a variety of work, and really should concentrate on one aspect and master it, as I am more of a Jack of all Trades, so to speak. :) Thanks for popping by and looking at my work!

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