BALT Parasol



Here is the finished parasol. It took much longer than I’d hoped for a pretty simple design. It also took a lot of paint. I’ve got to wait 6 days for it to set. Then I’m going to spray it with acrylic just to help it along. Then I’m going to try putting a hose on it and see what happens. For now, it’s good enough to photograph and put on the application.



This is the underside. I don’t love the brush strokes and uneven paint but I’m not going to let it worry me.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your likes and comments. I valued them so much. It made my day to get a “like”. I wish we could do this all year though the pace and commitment would make it impossible. I really look forward to next year and seeing all the wonderful and interesting things you all are going to do. Again, thank you very much for everything.


About Susan Brandt

I am an artist concentrating on hand-painting silk. I sell online (, at craft shows and in shops. I don't have a plan for Thing-A-Day 2014, though, as always, it will most likely involve new hand-painted silk stuff.

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