recoverTAD282013 daisiesTAD282013

Today I wanted to start to create an album of all the prints that I have made during TAD 2013. It turns out that I have too many for one album! … But that aside, I cut an 8.2″ square from the board at the back of two sketch books to collage using some of the prints. These will be used to front and back a ring binder album.

This is the progress so far for the front. A patchwork of cut prints glued on the board. I have started drawing a copy of a flower that I did for Day 23 TAD 2010! This will go in the top left, with my name at the bottom right. I’ve borrowed Dad’s punch and bought some book rings.

for the last day, I also wanted to show a completed piece. Here is a print from yesterday that I’ve used as a mixed media base. I’ve sketched daisies on tissue paper and painted daisies in acrylic and added typed words for a simple poem. As with all previous Gelli plate prints, it is 6×6″.


TAD 2013 has been brilliant. Totes super aces! It’s been a great pleasure to log in and see everyone’s creations. Creating and posting every day for me has been a challenge on many fronts.

I look forward to next year and bid a sad but fond farewell to 2013.

Thing -a-day people ….. YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!


About bubblemunch

I live in the historic city of York. I enjoy most things arty and crafty and am greatly inspired by nature.

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