Day Twenty-Seven…

I’d planned on making a couple of critters today, but this little guy took more time than I thought.  Here’s your roly-poly farmer, Susan!

thing a day 166



  1. He’s amazing! Look at his little face! I think the expression is just fantastic. The overalls are great! And the little (very, very little) bucket and trowel!

    What do you do with these little guys when you’re done? Do you sell them? How do they do? I can totally see people collecting them though I imagine they don’t want to pay what they are worth in skill and labor.

    Thank you so much for doing this; it has brought much joy :)

    • I’ve got to admit…he’s my favorite. I guess I don’t do anything with them when I’m done…I just show them off. ;) I’d like to sell them sometime, I think. I need to build up a bit of an inventory, though. And practice making them a little more…perfect? professional? polished? Something like that.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Thanks!

      • Well, I have to say that yours was one of the people with the professional level of work that made me a bit embarrassed for my own. The expressions on your critters is just great.

        I don’t know if you do craft shows with your other work but if you did, you could do a little glass display box of your little guys, just as something interesting for people to tell each other that they must got and see.

        Thanks so much for doing the farmer. It made me feel special :)

  2. Your teeny, tiny polymer clay creations have been a little thing to look forward to each day. You must be very dexterous. So very detailed in your work.

  3. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I do like paying attention to the details that make them cute and eye-catching.

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