Day 28: Montage of Completions, or Not

Montage of Completions For this last day of TAD, I decided to bring together everything I’ve completed this month, and everything I haven’t. The happy news is that I completed 2 crocheted scarves, a needlepoint cell phone case, 2 heart-shaped pom-poms, a Valentine and envelope, a spool-knitted teddy bear, and 2 loom-woven potholders (not in the picture at left, as they have already been stashed away in the holiday box for December gift-giving). I re-acquainted myself with spool knitting and potholder loom weaving, learned to construct a felted toy from spool-knitted tubes, tried out the heart-shaped pom-pom maker, and completed 3 unfinished projects. For all those things, I give a big whoo-hoo!

I also worked on a significant number of projects I didn’t yet complete (in the picture at right): spool-knitted fairy doll, needlepoint messenger bag flap, crocheted chatelaine, cross-stitch plaque, granny square toddler sweater, spool-knitted scarf, crocheted socks, needlepoint snowflake, and loom-woven potholder. ‘Twould have been lovely, of course, to actually complete all those things. But regardless, they were all moved along in the creative process, and 6 of those projects were begun during this month of TAD.Montage of Incompletions

So despite the fact that I now have more unfinished projects than when the month began (funny how that happens), I’m pleased with my accomplishments.

Oh yes, and something else I did this month was to open an Etsy shop! And I’ve already had my first sale.

Thank you TADsters, for all your crafting love and moral support. See you next year!


About CJinSF

I write, coach, teach, create stuff, and give back. When I'm not doing that, I read and travel. Happily living in San Francisco.


  1. A fabulous collection :-) I did spool knitting as a child when my Nanna gave me a cotton reel with 4 nails in it – you’ve made me hanker after trying again. Your finished articles are things that I would struggle to complete in months rather than 4 weeks. Looking forward to next year.

  2. Thanks, Bubblemunch! The spool knitting is very soothing. I did it as a child, too, and perhaps it takes me back to a simpler time. Don’t give me too much completion credit! I had already completed all the stitching on the cell phone case, and I just blocked it. One of the scarves was done in double crochet on a Q hook, and the other one was half double crochet, and is both narrow and short. But I’ll take the kudos anyway!

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