Day #26 : Making A Two-Tones Slippers

i’m starting to crochet a two-tone slippers for my mom.

i’m using one of her favorite color scheme, which is purple. for this project i used dark purple and a light lavender. i also use a different type of yarn, it’s basically made of cotton with rayon mix, i guess? (the label wasn’t provide any information only said it was balinese cotton; typical local yarn in my country :-/)

i started with the toe in a lighter color one. since most of the pattern i have always used a worsted-weight yarn, i have to do some adjustment with the material and tool i was using.  i wasn’t use any specific pattern, in fact i used  several different sources for this project. with all the modifications i’ve made, i so hope it will turn out okay.

© opipipio



About Opi

freelance graphic designer & a full-time dreamer. just a simple individual with complex tastes ;P

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