Dag 28 : Die Grapmaker


Why so serious? My first ever attempt at doing a self portrait and I saw again how handsome I am.

This was a very succesful year for me. I set out to do sketches and I did do them, even though pencil drawing isn’t my favourite medium. All comments and likes were appreciated.

There were so many favourite posts out there, I am sorry I didn’t mark, commented or followed as much as I should have. Some people made me very hungry, the baby was gorgeous, I loved the walks with Charlie, and some people were just awesome in their creativity. But I will see you all next year.



  1. Terri Greenberg

    Congratulations on a successful TAD. I enjoyed your drawing and the guessing game I set myself each day. I am resolved to sketch more myself; you inspired me.

    Can’t wait to see next year’s project!

    Oh, and yes! You are quite handsome!

  2. Yay! Congratulations on drawing every day. I think you were especially brave and I admire you because you were doing something you wanted to improve on instead of something you already felt accomplished at. I hope you are pleased with your progress.

    It’s great to finally get a look at the man behind the machines. You look like a friend of mine of whom I am quite fond. Best regards from Charlie who just came in from a walk and thanks you for following.

  3. It was great to see you grow as a sketcher. Way to go. Amazing 28 days and 28 sketches. Well done sir.

  4. My husband is a toolmaker who makes knives as a hobby, so I noticed you right away last year. I have really enjoyed seeing the sketches this year. So many objects have incredible lines and design, and you captured the art in them.

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